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beauty star plant for sale melbourne
calathea ornata for sale in Melbourne

Beauty Star



Calatheas’s “Beauty Star” is a perennial plant native to South America, with long, slightly thin dark green leaves that are luxuriously striped in pale green, silver, and white. The lower side is dark purple. This Calathea is a variety of Calathea ornata, a large group of striped Calatheas, and a very popular houseplant with vibrant leaf patterns. Calatheas “Beauty Star” belongs to the arrowroot family. Like other plants in the arrowroot family, this calatheas has an interesting habit of raising leaves in the morning and lowering them like prayer at night, nicknamed “Plant of Prayer.” The “Beauty Star” Calatheas has an elegant, upright habit and is extremely dense, making a great addition to the Calatheas collection.

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